Student Org. Registration 2020-21
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Registering your Student Organization:

Student Organizations that want to be eligible for the privileges granted by the University must register with the Center for Engagement annually. Registered student organizations are private, voluntary associations and are not official components of the University. Montana State University Billings in no way accepts liability for the actions of such groups. Registration is simply a means by which student organizations may receive standard privileges when certain minimum criteria are met.

The President/Contact Person(s) and Advisor(s) of the organization are responsible for registering the organization and for supplying current information. All organizations are expected to be familiar with and abide by all policies governing student organizations found in the Student Handbook. Please have the names, email addresses, and phone numbers for your five (5) minimum student members ready before you begin this form.

This information will allow us to communicate with your organization and also provide current information to other students, offices, departments, and organizations.

All email addresses and phone numbers of officers/contact persons will be released to individuals making general inquiries regarding your organization. Please note if you do not wish to have your email address or phone number released for general information.

Thank you for registering your student organization, we look forward to a fantastic year!

Registration for Student Organizations is now closed.  It will reopen in the Fall of 2021. Please contact the Student Union Office with questions at 657-2387.

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