HEROES Peer Health Educator Application

Dear HEROES Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Peer Health Educator. This is exciting and worthwhile work; and it is wonderful to see so much interest from potential new members. 

HEROES is made up of students who complete Health Education trainings, and who continue to learn on a regular basis. 

            Here’s the application process in a nutshell:

·         Complete the entire application

·         Your application will be reviewed by the HEREOS President, Vice President and Advisor.

·         You will receive a phone call in order to schedule an interview within 1 week of application submission.

·         The interview consists of a series of questions from our current HEROES members. 

Although new HEROES members may not be fully educated on the health topics HEROES addresses, they will be expected to attend weekly meetings, bi-weekly trainings and presentations until we feel comfortable with relying on new members to educate their peers. For members that apply mid-semester, this may require time to make-up missed trainings. 

The real benefit to you is the chance to learn about health topics and share your knowledge with your peers – plus the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of fellow HEREOS members. HEROES members will also receive a nationally recognized Peer Educator Certification by the BACCHUS Network™.  

GOOD LUCK on your application. The efforts to educate students on health topics should come from all peers, whether or not they are Peer Educators. So, we hope you will continue your interest in health and wellness on campus regardless of the outcome of your HEROES application.                  

Thank you,

Kylie Downs

2013-2014 HEROES President

Katherine Hungerford

2013-2014 HEROES Vice President

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